tomorrow waits…


tomorrow waits…

yesterday dead and gone
yet the conscience dwells
lingering far too long
today comes full of promise
full of plans and things to do
but the mind is drawn away
and wanders off to play
the fingers type a merry dance
and dreams fill the screen
the eyes glaze over
the mind is blank
blocking out what should be done
work to be finished
still not begun
tasks piling up and up and up
like unread books are trophies
of waste and willful self-distraction
then comes a moment
a burst of energy
a decision made
and something useful takes place
the job not pointless but not of import
fills the heart with a sense of action
the evening fades
and the bed unmade
is entered into as though a pact
to start early before the dawn
to carry out the plans, fulfill the pledge
the obligation
no more abdication
to steer away from mindless idling
neglect the needless ironing and recycling
and finally get on with the thing
the thing that should long since have been complete
the mind drifts off into dreams soft and sweet
for tomorrow waits that is the motto
that is each night’s refrain
but truth be told
tomorrow waits in vain.


One Response to tomorrow waits…

  1. Linda E.H. says:

    nice wording and imagery

    and “the fingers type a merry dance” is great

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