When Shadows Grow Long

When Shadows Grow Long

The bright day of reality fades into the misty, obscure cloak of twilight
and before the dark night engulfs the mind, the heart is wrapped, enveloped,
safely concealed, for evening is a shroud, not we hope for the long sleep
but merely to hold us safe ‘til dawn. Dawn, ‘ere the hope of man, still so far away,
still hiding, waiting we hope: those of us with gods pray and those without trust the stars
to do as they have ever done.

A lone voice in the darkness calls, beckons, sways, persuades and draws near the quiet, hopeful, still fearful soul from solitude. A friend in need, a friend in deed, a fellow traveller who knows full well the stumbling, rock strewn path that must be trod; who has seen the demons from which we hide and bid them retreat back to their lair. The voice of kindness, the voice of wisdom, the voice of reason, holding mind and body together, and though their heart must care for others their love is shared but not divided. It is balanced, unconditional,
all-encompassing and soothing to all who are so privileged to bathe in its rays. In its glory.

Long since parted the two minds, the two souls, the two hearts remain as one. As brother, sister, as kindred spirits. the love, the friendship, the loyalty that has endured over time and distance lessens not as the dark cold night creeps in. The long dark tunnel that only love and faith can foretell of its finality; that foresee day’s light at its end. And so we speak of love, and what is that beast? What colours does it wear? Whose pennant does it fly? A heart made hard by too many wounds, too many spears, too many thrusts of the bitter sword , and too many stings from Cupid’s poisoned arrow has its own remedy, its own recourse. A life filled with so much – too much- to do, a world to see, an endless journal of blank pages to fill with endless tales from an endless journey. And yet love remains. Deep down inside the cold hard shell, love lies buried and once stirred may rise. may crawl forth to seek the light, to raise the fight and what then? What course will be taken, what actions set afoot? We know not, merely suspecting, fearing the worst and travel on denying. Denying love. Denying the long dark night. Denying the simple fact that being alone sometimes really does mean being lonely…

…a glimmer on the far horizon, a crack of a smile, the light bids adieu, farewell, bon voyage to the night. We have survived once more. The rusty blade of self pity, the dull razor of self-doubt remain un-blooded and return safely to their scabbards. The spirits rise and the heart soars, greeting the dawn as a promise, as the kiss of a maiden fair. As spring is to winter, so the day is to night, so the sun is to the darkness and once again we stand. Stand tall and proud, stand refreshed from slumber and gaze upon another blank page, another unadorned canvas and stride forth beneath the warming, loving, life-giving sun into the day, into the adventure, into a land where we always laugh and dream…

…until twilight beckons and the shroud closes tight once more.


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