Cats, Poetry & Death #57: On Crossing the Great Divide

Cats, Poetry & Death #57:
On Crossing the Great Divide

Sit a while and I will read
tales of yore to thee
Rest your eyes and I will feed
the visions closed eyes see

Let the cat purr you to sleep
as my rhyme and meter sway
slip silently into the deep
slumber and drift away

In you dreams you’ll hear
voices crying out aloud
heartfelt wishes full of cheer
to make you strong and proud

Be not afraid of saying adieu
take heart and seek the light
as I whisper farewell to you
and you enter the endless night

T’were spoken oft in the past
how a poet’s words can soothe
and to hear his words spoken last
would help you gently move

From here into the next place
and rising with strength reborn
and a broad smile on your face
you’ll welcome death’s first morn

For It’s the poet’s words and the cat’s
meow that lighten loads and hearts
and lay out garlanded welcome mats
and hail Ambrosia laden carts

As Elysian Fields beckon thee
and the spectre’d veil falls
lend your ear once more to me
afore it hears the final bugle call

So goodbye, if it must be so,
as you take your final breath
one last verse before you go
of Cats, Poetry and Death.




One Response to Cats, Poetry & Death #57: On Crossing the Great Divide

  1. Linda E.H. says:


    I especially love the last three stanzas.

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