Perfect Vision

Perfect Vision

The view is complete
in every direction.
as far as the eye can see
traffic, freeways, railroads
people like ants scuttling
about their business.
Oblivious to the watchers
105 floors up the Sears Tower
observation deck is a God’s-eye view
of Chicago, the Windy City

Just 70 seconds later in the
express elevator
the watchers join the ants
and bustle on about their
business, about their way.
And so the view has gone
heads are down, eyes focused
only on the path they must tread,
winding, threading their way
through the mêlée, through the madness.

Safe at home the terror of the commute over
for yet another day the view is static
focus is on the box in the corner.
Its moving images stagnate the tired minds
information flows but is barely
taken in. Instead it washes like a cyber-shower
the cares and weariness of the city
into oblivion. Body and mind rest
surrendering to the inevitability of
playing in the same vast uncaring game
tomorrow…and then again the day after that…

As sleep closes in and the minds eye wanders
the view is introspective for a minute or more
and just before it is swept away by the rapid eye
movement that washes it clean with dreams
a final thought appears. Everyday after work
I shall climb that tower and play God…
…just for a while…just for the view.


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