Love’s Sweet Dream – A Poem in Three Parts

Love’s Sweet Dream (part I)

Shall I compare thee
to a Walnut Whip?
That would be stupid
You’re just a peanut!

Love’s Sweet Dream (part II)

Oh! Protein of my passion
How, oh! How I dream
To surround you in chocolate
And cover you in cream.

You’re still a bloody peanut
I’m just off my head.
I’m getting even worse
Since I first took you to bed.

An end to this affair, I say.
Enough’s enough, I swear
I’ll finish this forever now
by eating you so there!

Love’s Sweet Dream (part III)

My letters come back unopened,
my calls are not returned.
But still my heart disguises
the lesson I’ve not learnt.

I hear you’ve found another,
the hero of your dreams.
While I’m left broken hearted
with my chocolate and cream.

But I shall soon recover
and through the forest skip.
When I ask Miss Cashew
to be my Walnut Whip.


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