I Saw A Jolly Fatman


I Saw A Jolly Fatman

After – I saw a Jolly Hunter by Charles Causley


I saw a jolly fatman
With a jolly bun
Walking in the town
In the jolly sun

In the jolly square
Sat a jolly beggar
Saw the jolly fatman
Took jolly care

Beggar jolly eager –
Sight of jolly food
Approaches jolly fatman
Fatman jolly rude

Jolly beggar jolly angry
Raises up fist
Jolly fatman jolly nimble
Jolly beggar missed

Jolly fatman even madder
Starts turning red
Throws a jolly punch
Right at jolly beggars head

Down fell jolly beggar
Onto jolly knees
Jolly fatman kicks him
Jolly beggar flees



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