A lot of canvas for a little Monet

A lot of canvas for a little Monet
Bartholomew Foggerty, the brilliant weasel
Had been forced to buy a bigger easel
His new commission was really quite strange
And of the old easel quite out of range
He daubed the canvas in battleship grey
And then he started to weasel away
(some would say badger but that’s just absurd
for by shape and by colour he’s a different bird)
He added wrinkles in a darker shade
And cursed for how little he had been paid
To work on a piece outlandishly large
He should have really upped the charge
The smell was off-putting to say the least
And he got little conversation from the beast
So having painted a glorious grey-scape
He decided it was time to make his escape
He hopped out the window with the aid of a broom
And left the elephant alone in his room
He’d wasted his time, it just wasn’t funny
So much canvas for so little money




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