Pierced through the heart by an idiom (Acrostic)

Pierced through the heart by an idiom (Acrostic)

W ords can be so cruel
O thers forget the harm they can do
R ead out of context, out of place
D rawing conclusions without evidence
S ewing seeds of doubt and pain

S tabbing the recipient
W ith a venom best left hidden
O ral assaults on all reason
R obbing the listener of dreams
D ashing hopes of happiness

W hispers lessen the pain somehow
O ne expects peace and serenity from a quiet voice
R eason is confounded by the deceit
D efiance hushed by the tone already set
S topping the tongue from holding forth

S ometimes it all makes sense
W ords echo and emphasise that which the heart knows
O ver and over the mind tumbles, searching
R eaching for sanity, salvation: silent sanctuary
D rawing conclusion already proven true



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