when we had the power…

when we had the power…

outside only the wind
makes any noise
the hamlet is silent
far off in the good fields
the men still toil
as long as there is light

at night we gather round
eating, telling tales
candles flicker
the firelight spills out
from the hearth across
the room.

grandfather tells his stories
of how the pestilent cities
were once our home
of how we spoke into magic boxes
to kith and kin
far across the world
we travelled in great metal birds
and speeding metal coaches
in the air
across the land

the little children laugh out loud
one tries to count
up to six billion
but runs out of fingers and toes
even with everyone helping
how many houses would that need?
how many bones from the four billion now gone?
their rotting corpses turning the towns
into tombs of plague and disease

the old folks call our age the Powerless Time
they say that not so long ago
everything went wrong
everything changed
and now only a few remain
separated and distant remote in small villages
living off the land growing what they can
remembering how things were
when we had power
when we had the power
to stop the chaos
to halt the disaster
to hold back the tide
and save mankind




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