Moon of Love

Moon of Love

The villagers huddle by the fire
Doors locked
Windows barred
Telling tales of mythical beings
Scaring the children
The dogs hide
Beneath beds
The cats find shelter where they may

High on the hill
He sits proud
In silhouette against the moon
He raises his head
Blood from the kill
Still dripping from his deadly jaws
The Howl is let loose
It pierces the hearts
Of all that hear it
Chilling bone to the marrow

Except in one
He howls again
The fearsome
Deadly wolf
He howls and howls
And then he waits
Far across the valley
His call is answered
The one heart not chilled by his call
The one soul that longs to near him

The wolf howls in the silvery moonlight
For an hour
He howls
And waits
He waits for the answer
It comes too as a howl
Nearing his high perch
His mate is coming
Tonight there will be no hunt
Nor tomorrow
For this full moon
That fills mortal hearts
With dread
Is the symbol of love
To the lupine mind
He howls again
The villagers take to their beds in terror
He howls and the she-wolf howls back
She is here!
And the night is silent
Beneath the moon of love

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