Well, yes, I hear what you’re saying,
your point of view certainly has merit

however I think you’ll find that if you tilt
your head to the left, at about 45°, you’ll see it

in a different light and you may find
that your perceived perspective will alter

you are sure to find yourself in agreement
with the consensus achieved by the more

discerning cognoscenti, who of course,
are right, as they always are, moreover

I feel that you deprive yourself of stimuli
as you consistently, repeatedly quote

people who really don’t understand art
or indeed life as interpreted by art

perhaps if you were to go on and on
and on and on and on droning

in monotone eventually the frustration
and boredom would bring you to

the inevitable conclusion that we are
the ones in the know, we set the standard

you of course are merely an innocent
pretending to dream of illumination

and enlightenment in addition to
the observation of truth as depicted

by the new wave of impressionist
artists and critics who universally

agree to differ whilst promoting
their own unshakeable infallibility


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