The Winter Beach

The Winter Beach

The low winter sun bounces and glistens
Across the gently rolling sea
Dazzling the eye
And confounding the mind
Wrapped up against the chill breeze
A lone figure strolls the sands
Whistling for the dog
Bouncing and scampering
Shying from the cold water’s edge

Bereft of the life that summer brings
The beach holds an eerie feeling
Mixed twixt hope and despair
The short cold winter days seem
To last forever
The high sun of summer
Waits far away in a dream
Of warm tomorrows
Yet still our hearts are lifted

The beach, the sea
Our boundary and our destiny
The limit of our knowledge
The promise of things to come
The near at hand, the tangible
The far away dreams of future times
But now the chill reaches the bones
The winter beach is best viewed now from afar
From the safety and warmth of the fire-side

Safe at home the winter sun still dazzles
The mind races towards the dawn
The beginning of the year, the decade
Hopes and dreams lay waiting to be realised
Or dashed away in chaos
Just as the gentle waves dash themselves upon the beach
Each followed by another
Never ending
Never daring to stop hoping


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