Blue Moon

Blue Moon
I saw you, standing alone
Blue Moon
Bright in the night
So far away
Yet I stretch out my arm
And pinch you between finger and thumb
My blue Moon
Made of cheese
Always there to walk me home
Scattered with bits of rocket ship
Pock-marked and scarred like an old sailor
You bring peace to the night
Calm to the seas
My blue moon
My blue dream

I long to see you up close
And personal
Like Neil and Buzz
And dance and skip
In the moon dust
Watch the Earth rise
And throw rocks at the stars
With (just) a slightly better chance
Of scoring a hit
I want everyone to have the chance to visit
Build a new home amongst the stars
Sure maybe it’s a waste of money to go back
After all there’s nothing much there
But if we did…
…if we spent all those millions
On a futile quest
We wouldn’t have anything left
To spend on war
To spend on killing our fellow man
Who share this one Earth
And you
Our one and only
Blue Moon


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