Cicada Chorus

Cicada Chorus

The balmy summer night
is throbbing and humming
to the music in the square;
the children run and play,
the adults laugh and drink
and celebrate the holidays.

It’s one in the morning
and the fun carries on
and on till dawn for some,
for some it’s getting late
but the kids still run and squeal:
the excitement all too much

It’s three in the morning
and balcony drinks;
the night is still,
the discos a faint whisper
on the breeze that wafts
gently up from Alborán

The calm and serene
moon shines down;
reveries are lulled along
by a chirrup-chirrup-chirr,
reveries beat in time
to the sweet cicada song

It’s five in the morning
the chorus fills the air
golf course cicadas
beating out the back-leg
rhythm of sleep yet to come



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