The Mystery Tour

The Mystery Tour

We fancy a run in the country
We fancy a grand day out
We’re getting up early
We’re ready there’s no doubt

We want to know where we’re going
Dad says it’s a mystery tour
Grandma says she’ll make a picnic
She’s figured it out we’re sure

The destination is no secret
It’s the route that can confuse
So many ways to get there
So many roads to choose

Dad sets his heading
Is he going the wrong way?
It certainly is a mystery
It’ll be a right grand day

The sun is shining brightly
God is in his Heaven
Grandma tells dad to hurry
We must be home by seven!

By circuitous navigation
We reach a greensward park
With views of the river
We’re at the Brig o’ Potarch

We always knew we’d get there
That was never in doubt
But it was the mystery tour that made it
An especially grand day out



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