Fiddle-dee-dum (a bit of nonsense)

A wordle using: purple, kiss, drooping, gourd, hook, staircase, muddy, bitter, doll, extract, glossy, pluck)

Fiddle-dee-dum (a bit of nonsense)

Purple Polly the baby doll
was dressed up for the town
with glossy lips, primed to kiss
and a blue and yellow gown

Scarlet Sam the action man
had a face like a bloody gourd
and was left dangling from a hook
by his pull-me-to-speak-cord

Purple Polly’s head was drooping
she feared she’d been stood up
sitting lonely on the staircase
like a forgotten buttercup

Scarlet Sam at last from the hook
himself managed to extract
though he had a nasty bruise
where the cord had hit his back

Though Sam’s boots were muddy
and he had to pluck up courage
he rushed to Purple Polly’s side
and proposed to her in marriage

Fiddle-dee-dum, fiddle dee-dee
Oh my! Sam you look a state
But ‘tis only ‘cause I love you so
That I sat here so long to wait

They set off at once to find
Teddy the preacher bear
who married them quick sharp
so a home they could share

In a land of dollhouses
Sam and Polly live in bliss
and each Sunday after tea
she lets him steal a kiss


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