For us they fell

Written to commemorate the 65th anniversary of D-Day.


For us they fell

On Normandy beaches
They fell out of boats
They fell in line
They fell in hundreds
Brave young men
Fighting not by order
But because their hearts
Knew right from wrong
They died that we might be free
From tyranny and hell on earth

The white stones spread ever on
Never ending so its seems
And a few, each year fewer,
Brave men gather to say adieu
To the boys they once knew
That died in their place
That they would fight on
That they would win through

Soon they’ll be none left
The old guard will be gone
The burden is ours now
And our children’s
Honour bound
Duty bound
We must pass on the sense
Of pride, of love
For freedom
For the boys that never came home
So that sixty-five years hence
There’ll still be kin-folk
And men-at-arms
Placing a flower
And shedding a tear
For the boys that won’t come home.


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