Día de Docente

Día de Docente

The regional holiday is over,
the shops are open,
the carpenters cut wood,
the painters paint
and the gardeners tend lawns.

The bars are open,
the waiters serve whistling,
the office clerks file and type,
bankers count the cash
and the tomato growers tend their crops.

Whilst every day is a holiday somewhere in Spain,
fiestas for patron Saints,
fiestas for cities,
fiestas for provinces,
this holiday is just for us.

Slipped neatly in next to Andalusia Day,
whilst the shops are open,
the carpenters cut wood,
and the gardeners tend lawns,
the teachers have a rest.

The day belongs to children and Maestros,
the double holiday bonus,
the bankers are counting cash,
and the waiters are whistling,
but it’s Teachers’ day for me


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