Word Association


Ain’t it weird how when I saw the prompt was to write a Ramble I never thought about a walk in the country like a few people seem to have latched on to but then again maybe that’s just me and how my brain works which scares me sometimes like now the thing that’s got me is when is a ramble not a ramble and when is it a stroll out of control that’s meandering across the fields of verse without a nurse to wipe its runny nose or click on spell check when it stops and so I started making a word association football league table and chairs, the leather bound ones err, Chesterfields or Marlboro man from La Mancha where the cheese comes from, cheese and wine and olives and Popeyes eating spinach, green like grass only greener more like spinach! full of iron man, daredevil and the avengers, the comic ones not the ones off the TV with the guy with the bowler hat and umbrella and always a pretty girl like James Bond only not so slick but more like a city gent-ly does it nice and easy now and then and there where it all happened before and again will go on rambling into the distance across the fields of green wandering lonely as a poet from long ago might very well disapprove of when consulting with his peers or piers, but that’s not right not the correct word association football….
Which is called Soccer in the states and I have no idea why. Ain’t it weird!


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