The Sad Monster


It came quietly, many years ago
when I was too young to see it,
to know what it was…
It crept inside and soon began to
make its presence felt, controlling
subtly, craftily corrupting every fibre
of my being. Stealing my identity,
replacing my persona with a sadness
impenetrable by any kind word, touch
or action.

So I lived year on year with the same
dead feeling inside. The same plummeting
fear, the never ending sadness. Later they
would call it depression but they didn’t know
the difference, only I could tell. Except of course
I couldn’t tell. I couldn’t tell any one.

The tentacles of the beast grew and spread
like a terrible cancer throughout my mind,
body and soul. Tainting everything I touched
with the same cold, icy numbing cold knowledge
that everything would always be the same and happiness
was something only others could experience.

Accepting unquestioningly my lonely fate I didn’t
even notice the beautiful quiet sprite that came to
visit, spreading a joyous light in her wake.
And I still don’t know how it came to be that
she touched me. How she slipped her gentle slender
fingers into and around my heart and searched until
she found the evil. With one subtle smile she
wrenched the evil from within me and cast it away for ever.

I am still alone but not lonely and never with out hope.
There are times when I am depressed but there are
many, many happy times and now I have learnt to laugh.
I feel warmth around me and inside the emptiness
has gone and I am whole.
The Sad Monster has gone forever
and can never return.


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