Waitin’ fo’ Columbus (Part 1)


I danced on the roof
wid ya Mama and Lordy, Lordy
save me Bro, I felt the rain pouring down
on my head. I felt the pain that yo’ and your so
called friends been talkin’ about and then I,
I knew that strange thang that you bin feelin’
all this time and I knew well about that
thing that Kerouac talked about ‘til I got all
heated and sweaty then I took a walk down to
the corner of 8th and 42nd, took me a deep breath of
all that love and scary kinda livin’ that all be seepin’
through the cracks down there and I caught me a bus
goin’ up town, get outta that hell and make some tracks…
See, me I’m headin’ fo’ Jersey, let them take the rap and find me some peace…
Yo’ believe what yo’ will this boy is innocent but there be blame pouring down
just like the Rain pouring down on the Eastside blaming the upper fifties
for the poverty and lack of hope when up there they be livin’
it fine and full of hope and tomorrow….
Tomorrow for us is a cancelled promise waitin’ to
be redeemed in love, in truth, in life itself… waitin’ fo’
someone . something to bring to an end this waitin’, this agony,
this pain and sorrow: never ending….

… I danced on the roof wid ya Mama and she
said she had planted all this green to make us all
feel good and so I never did understand why such a
place so beautiful could become a place to leave with
so much despair and as that garden still grows I am lost
and cannot know what took, what metaphysical knife twisted
in the sad and lonely soul of ya Mama that made her leave her
beautiful rooftop and meet the cruel sidewalk so decisively
saying goodbye to all that refused to love her for the pure
and so, so , so scarily influential beautiful person that
she (who held us all tight in her dreams) had come to be…
The Brooklyn Bridge will never look the same again…


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