April 2015 – PAD: Day 1: Eöstre is Coming

This year the first week of April coincides with Easter, celebrated by many as a religious holiday. Many hundreds of years ago my ancestors worshipped a great number of gods. This poem speaks of some of them (I have italicised a key) and illustrates the origin of the word Easter.

Eöstre is Coming

Skadi and Ullr have retreated (winter)
their cold reign has withered and fallen dry
upon the burgeoning greensward,
blossoms and buds burst forth,
birdsong as a herald’s horn welcomes
Delling, Lord of the Dawn summoning
the day into life. Old Nott sleeps and Máni hides (night/moon)
chased away by his bright brother
Each glorious day is made fresh and bless-ed by the melodious harp
and sweet gentle lyric of Bragi‘s verse (poetry & music)
who gives praise to Kvasir, Lord of Inspiration and fills with hope
the hearts of Gods and men alike.
Hark! Hark! Hear her call!
Eöstre is coming!
Spring is here!


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