April 2015 – PAD: Day 2: Leaving Richmond

On April 2nd 1865 Confederate President Davis and his cabinet abandoned Richmond Va. Much of the city was destroyed by the fires set to deprive the Union army of military plunder.

Leaving Richmond

Grant was knocking at the door
the writing was on the wall
Davis cast his eyes to the floor
and muttered “Curse and damn them all!”

Burn the bridges, burn the armoury
burn all the military dispatches
If they come to set our property free
let them find freedom in ashes*

Ride! Ride hard last iron horse
Down the Richmond and Danville
The river had burst its course
Lee’s troops were sick and ill

Seven days would come and go
before the Great General caved
And each Son of Dixie would know
The South could not be saved

Richmond, Richmond, left to hell
The President and the President’s men
Were going surely going there as well
They vowed: The South Will Rise Again

Evacuation Sunday: tails between their legs
The fires were raging all around
Leaving Richmond they all fled
The night they drove Ol’ Dixie down

*There is no historical reference to any atrocities committed by the departing Confederate Army, nor is it my intention to offend by implying as such.


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