April 2015 – Day 5: Champagne, Cigars and The Black Dog

In 1955, on April 5th, Winston Churchill resigned as Prime Minister although remaining a Member of Parliament until 1964. He died on January 24th 1965 aged 90. His state funeral is my first distinct memory of television, although I had almost certainly watched it before then.

Champagne, Cigars and The Black Dog

The badge of office laid aside
The dispatch box handed over
The famous top hat brushed (anti clockwise)
resides, for the most part, quietly in its box
Champagne for breakfast and Cuban cigars ,
the canvas ready for brush
landscapes aplenty await the artist’s eye.
The journal page too lies blank,
the mind still contemplating

Aye and there’s the rub!
For it is in retrospection, yet more so introspection,
that the old enemy is found.

A warrior as a young man
The Commander of a Nation in later life
Once cast aside then recalled
To lead the fight
To thwart the foes
To deliver friends from tyranny
Thanked with dismissal and recalled once more
Once more unto the breech
Once more unto peace and prosperity
Now as Father Time lays his hands
upon broad yet stooping shoulders
’tis the hour to rest
To finally leave the fray
and let the younger, keener man take his turn
at the helm of this proud island ship

And so to rest and find some peace
Not the peace for Man so hard won,
but peace for A man still so hard to find
For He is there in every quiet moment
in each dark corner of each bright day
The Black Dog lurks and gnaws upon the soul
just as t’ were a bone
Old bones creak ,old memories bring doubts
which ache far more than any physical pain
And so champagne and cigars and a half finished canvas
absorb and numb the senses
Keeping the enemy at bay
Letting the blackest of all Black Dogs sleep
Just barely audible:
snoring in the recesses of the mind







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