April 2015 PAD – Day 10: A War by Any Other Name

On April 10th, 1998 The Good Friday Agreement was signed, bringing peace to Northern Ireland

A War by Any Other Name

They called it “The Troubles”
with troops on the street,
controlling their own people.
It wasn’t Martial Law or a Civil War
for they are horses of quite a different colour.
Boots on the Ground, they like how that sounds
as they promise never again to send men
but Aerial Sanctions leave far more corpses
than Training Missions and Advisory Deployments
ever did. There have been Police Actions and
Peacekeeping Missions and sometimes,
in the severest of circumstances they have named the beast


But War? Oh no!
For War is full-blown and needs declaring and ratifying and
Fourth Estate edifying (sometimes decrying).
Still, take a look back through mere recent annals
and the hundreds of thousands of corpses that lay
like rotting statistics giving lie to the nomenclature,
giving lie to the Non-War. Death wears but one gown,
‘tis dark and when he calls ask not for whom the bullet
flies, it flies for thee. Thee and thy family and neighbours
and friends, but never for the Generals and never for the
Politicians that sent the troops and advisors and peacekeepers
and Policemen and Drones and Bombs.


And no! Of course they weren’t War Crimes,
you see it wasn’t actually a War!



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