April 2015 PAD – Day 16: Trips to the Moon

On April 16th 1943, Albert Hoffman (a Swiss chemist) accidently consumed a compound called LSD-25 and discovered its hallucinogenic properties. It was used for years to treat schizophrenics. In the mid 1960s it was made illegal because young people were using it recreationally and some had disastrously “bad trips”.

Trips to the Moon

They say if you can remember the ’60s
you weren’t really there
I was there
I was very young
I can remember the first moon landing
and hippies in the streets
and nursery school hell and…

…not much more

I wasn’t doing Acid
my mind just shut it out
If I knew all of the why, I’d tell you
but what little I know I won’t
Perception altering chemicals
Mind expanding drugs
were for long hair and loud music
The brain’s natural chemicals
its own defensive systems closed down
memory partitions
like the D drive of my mind:
dark foreboding, forbidden zones

A psychoanalyst might open the doors
and take a peek inside
let loose the contents of Pandora’s Box
but tell me true, if you don’t remember the ’60s
because you were really there
if offered to re-live your bad trips
would you buy the ticket
and take the ride again?

Some things are best unsaid
some things are best left unseen
some people still don’t believe
we went to the moon
I do
It might be the only thing
I really believe
and without it, well the ’60s?
I wasn’t there at all


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