April 2015 PAD – Day 20: When Right is Wrong

April 20th – an interesting day in history. My musical hero Steve Marriott died on this day in 1991. There’s a poem about that from a previous PAD in my archives I believe. In 1912 Fenway Park was inaugurated (yeah I know, who cares, right?) However, born this day in 1889 Adolf Hitler and in 1808 the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon III. That got me thinking.

When Right is Wrong

You drive on the wrong side.
You drive on the left.
Why? Why do you do that?
Why? It’s wrong.
Ah, but there you are,
It isn’t wrong, it’s right.

The British
(and countries they used to rule)
drive on the right side,
that is to say, on the left side
which is the right side. See?

Time was when everyone did the same.
Mount a horse, walk down the street,
draw a sword.
No! Don’t draw a picture!
Draw an imaginary sword from its scabbard
and (assuming you are right-handed)
you are ready to deal with an aggressive passer-by.
Try it au contraire and it’s all a bit of a mess
(unless you are left-handed).

T’was Napoleon that reversed that natural order
all over Europe and further afield
some places changed back
after he’d been “sorted out”.
But then along comes Hitler
pulling the old switcheroo
and it’s all “please pass on the right” again.

In between times some folks
for reasons best know to themselves
left Europe for far-away lands
and started a trend, but on the right
they got it wrong.


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