April 2015 PAD – Day 25: Spiral Kaleidoscope

On April 25th 1953 – Dr. James D. Watson and Dr. Francis H.C. Crick announced the double helix structure of DNA.

Spiral Kaleidoscope

Sitting in RAF Bar in The Eagle,
sipping a well-earned pint, reflecting
on the past, the American airmen’s graffiti
adorning the ceiling, the tale of St Benedict,
patron of students, wondering how he’d have liked
the Anglo-Saxon contraction of St. Bene’t.
Mulling over how or why the name became shortened
from Eagle and Child unlike its namesake in “the other place”
“the Bird and Baby” it was called in Ox___d by those literary giants
Tolkien, Lewis et al. Two months had passed since those two
over-exuberant science chaps had burst in “We’ve discovered the secret of life!” they bleated and promptly got three sheets to the wind.

Their paper published, the story in the newspapers, the world a chatter. Or the science world at least (and a few angry churchmen).
The two chaps from Cavendish were in the other bar
holding court, extolling to all that would listen, the details of their
discovery – where would it lead? What else would they find?
Staring into the bottom of a near empty pint lifted over the eyes
the emblem of the Memphis Belle is almost as clear as day for a second
and then merges into the spiral kaleidoscope of blurred images
A spiral telling a story, a spiral winding back in time, like the spiral of life.


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