Laundry List

Laundry List

Hotel Fabulous
(It isn’t!)
Laundry received before 9am
will be returned the same day
Items for dry cleaning will be returned before 11am
the following day
In the event of any errors guests are requested
to inform the Housekeeping Manager
at their earliest convenience
Laundry received without this form
will be subject to the hotel’s count – fair enough, pal!

Gentlemen’s handkerchief –coloured – 3
Ties – 3
Gentlemen’s under wear – 6
Socks – pair- 6
Shirts – white – 3
Shirts – coloured – 3
Aye, it’s good to know they separate colours
Although, that seems to still be something of an issue
on broader social scale, despite Dr. King et al.

Dress shirts – white – pleated – 1 – soup stain – to be dry cleaned
Dress suit – 1 – soup stain
Iron only: 1 linen jacket

Remarks: Regarding the dress wear, please see the Maitre’ D
and adjust bill accordingly. (Tut!)

Please note: for specific requests, please contact the Housekeeping Manager.
Guests are requested not to approach individual staff for special services.

Ah well, that puts paid to that idea!


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  2. Perfectly posed! And I was correct in my assumption!

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