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2 Responses to Regent Cambridge Student Articles

  1. chaeri says:

    “The people must always obey their leaders.”

    We don’t have to follow leaders. We are not slaves. Could you imagine if people had to wear chains on their hands? I wouldn’t like it.
    Leaders should not be dictators. However, we should give them an opportunity because they are there due to the fact that we have voted for them. Therefore, leader have a duty to listen to people’s opinions, as well as respecting human rights.
    If the leader takes the power, his employers won’t have power anymore. It means that all the company’s decision are taken by leader. Sometimes it might be good because the leader take the decision himself, on the other hand it might be more difficult because he doesn’t receive any advices. So he can do mistakes taking decision. Therefore if the results are not good of wrong the popullation should change leader’s mind.
    So, how do you feel about this? Why don’t you reply and les us know?

  2. Thomas says:

    “The people must always obey their leaders.”

    People choose their leaders, so they should follow them. But sometimes, their leaders turn into a dictator and cares only about earning money but not the needs of the public. So, in situation like this, must the people rereally obey their leaders ?
    What is a good leader ? A good leader must respect the rules : he has to listen to other ideas, to be diplomatic, team player, and he has to make a decision when the meeting is not going to find an agreement. Thus, we must obey to this kind of leaders. Otherwise, the problems will emerge : if everyone supports their own idea and doesn’t accept the decision from the leaders, in the best case, things will not go forward, and in the worst case, it will be the anarchy or chaos ; anyway, there won’t be a settlement.
    However, if the leader becomes increasingly dictatorial : he doesn’t respect the law, the rules…, he is no longer the leader, but an opportunist. So, he should be overthrown by the people, and another leader must be elected.
    To conclude, indeed, we have to obey our leaders, whatever the situation ; and if they are dictatorial, they are not now our leaders, so we can desobey them. Nonetheless, how far a leader can go without becoming a dictator ? Why don’t you reply and let us know ?

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