Patatas al Rico (a Luxury version of Patatas al pobre: Peasants´ potatoes)

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My version of a typical Spanish dish served in most restaurants at lunch time in Andalucía.


To serve 4 – prep time 20 min + 30 mins cooling time for the potatoes.

  • 500 grams of boiled potatoes

(I use steam-in-bag-in –the microwave new potatoes from my supermarket which saves me a lot of prep. Like many of my recipes, the idea is to cheat and save time! )

  • 1 medium sized Spanish onion
  • 3 rashers of smoked bacon
  • 1 long green pepper (can use bell pepper -1/2)
  • 5 medium sized mushrooms
  • sea salt and ground black pepper
  • chopped parsley (fresh OR dried)
  • cooking oil




  • Boil the potatoes, drain & allow to cool to room temp. then refrigerate for 20 mins-

while the potatoes are cooking –

  • peel, top and tail the onion. cut in half and slice finely from head to root
  • cut the bacon into fine lardons (match stick shaped slices)
  • cut the pepper in to fine slices – take care to omit the seeds
  • remove and discard the mushroom stalks and cut the heads into 8ths
  • thinly slice the cold potatoes
  • if the parsley is fresh chop finely or use a small blender


  • add a tablespoon of cooking oil to a hot wok or sauté pan
  • when the oil is hot
  • add the onion, bacon and pepper.
  • stir to make sure they are well mixed and fry gently until the onion and pepper are softening
  • add the mushroom and continue to stir-fry until the mushrooms are nearly cooked
  • add the sliced potatoes and the parsley, stir and season to taste
  • stir-fry  for 2 – 3 minutes more to make sure the potatoes are hot and serve.


A quick, easy, attractive accompaniment to any main meal and if you don’t use it all at once just pop the rest in the fridge and microwave when you need it.

Download or print the recipe here: Patatas al rico

Enjoy! J

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