Iain Kemp Poetry

Hi Folks!

This is the new home for my poetry – as with the other menu headers on the site, please use the drop down menu to select a poem to read.

I’m hoping to find a solution soon to the problem I’m having adding my podcasts to WordPress and so hope to have that content here as well. Especially as I’m very excited about the summer guest poet series. Meanwhile the podcasts are still available at www.iainkemppoetry.com

I’m slowly adding the archive (about 120 poems) from the old site as well as posting new content when I can. Once the archive material is all here I’ll redirect the old domain name to this site too.

If you have podcast requests or prompt ideas, or would like to be added to the winter guest-a-month-podcast programme please use the contact form below.

You can also find my poetry at:

Poetic Bloomings

Poetic-Asides with Robert Lee Brewer

and you can follow updates from this page on Facebook by clicking LIKE on


You can read me in print by rushing to Amazon & buying or downloading Prompted and Poetic Bloomings: The 1st year

Happy Poeming!

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