Hi Folks,

Thanks for dropping by. I’d been thinking about improving my poetry blog for a while, it really was just a library, which was ok, but very limited. I’d also been thinking about expanding my blogging activity, especially after starting my cooking page on Facebook.

After talking things over with my good friend Chris Marshall – an expert blogger: Almerimar Life, I decided that 3/4 blogs would be really difficult to manage…

So here we are – a new blog/website, with all my eggs in one basket, so to speak.

The menu tabs open blog home pages and each has a drop down menu with pages (lots of pages!!!) for each area. For instance, this home page has a drop down to About Me

Without Anaesthetic is the “rolling posts” page where I randomly add the nonsense that drifts through my cluttered mind and promote the new entries on the drop-down menus with previews.

You can get updates/previews on Facebook for Iain Kemp Poetry by clicking like on facebook/Iain Kemp Poetry and the drop down will lead you a veritable plethora of poems old and new

Likewise for Iain Kemp Cooks by clicking like on Facebook.com/Iain Kemp Cooks Here the drop down will take you to the individual recipe pages, each complete with method and step-by-step photo albums.

From Amidst the Dreaming Spires details my adventures at summer school in Oxford. When I say details, my fellow teachers have nothing to fear – what happens in St. Hughs stays in St. Hugh’s (more or less!!) It does include pictures from excursions around England and my notes on the trials and tribulations of being an EFL summer school teacher.

At Home with my Cats does what it says on the tin – random cat photos, friends, dinners, and a peek into the Writer’s Lair 🙂

Contact Me also does what it says on the tin. Feel free to ask for more details of recipes, make requests for recipes or poetry recordings or say anything you’d rather not publish as a comment (be nice!) 🙂

Once again, thanks for dropping by – I hope you stay a while and come back often.


Iain 🙂

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