I can’t remember the last time I wrote without a prompt, just sat down and started writing…

…and as I haven’t written for a couple of weeks and felt inclined to do so, I thought I’d share the outcome.


some words are better left unsaid

some deeds are better left undone

some words don’t even scratch the surface…

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2 Responses to Unprompted

  1. This is great, Iain, and so true! I’ve definitely missed your work at Poetic Bloomings…

    • Thanks Erin. I was a week behind to begin with and thought I could catch up but it’s stretched to 3 now and I think I have to write it off and join in again in August. I would have hated doing the form poems anyway! Summer school is so demanding and tiring that I have to accept that I just can’t do as much as I’d like.

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