A Night Flight To Asia

I don’t get excited about holidays, not like my aunt. She trembles with anticipation the moment it’s decided upon, buzzes with excitement from the day it’s booked ecstatically crossing days off the calender until the great day comes. Whereupon she virtually explodes with unfettered glee. Not me! I settle back back into my seat on the flying tin-can at last and sigh contentedly: “Ah! Here we go!”

At least I used to. I freely admit that this time there was a clear sense of anticipation some weeks before the trip commenced and as the departure date approached, well yes, I began to get excited. After all it isn’t everyday you travel around the world. Around the freakin’ world, man!  Read More

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2 Responses to A Night Flight To Asia

  1. Loved reading it.. Looking forward to part 2!

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