Wake Me Up In Australia

Well here we go again and I have to say, this jet-lag is killing me. I slept terribly and am really tired! Still, dutifully awake to ring down about the Zoo tour – left half an hour ago! Bugger!
So anyway that means a new plan and as we check out at 12 and have to be back at the hotel to get a cab at 6, I reckon that means breakfast and a bit more sleep. I’m afraid, dear reader that is what I did. I joined mum & dad for breakfast at the place nearby and basically we swapped dishes from the day before and tried something else. They then wandered off to see about fixing dad’s glasses and I went back to bed to nigh on check-out time. Lazy? Why yes! But I am a great believer in giving the body rest when it demands it. Read More…

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1 Response to Wake Me Up In Australia

  1. Your last sentence states it perfectly…I’ve been fighting the arrival of (another), cold so I slept 10 1/2 hours last night! Wow.

    Good resting to you, Iain!

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