A Night Flight To Asia

I don’t get excited about holidays, not like my aunt. She trembles with anticipation the moment it’s decided upon, buzzes with excitement from the day it’s booked ecstatically crossing days off the calender until the great day comes. Whereupon she virtually explodes with unfettered glee. Not me! I settle back back into my seat on the flying tin-can at last and sigh contentedly: “Ah! Here we go!”

At least I used to. I freely admit that this time there was a clear sense of anticipation some weeks before the trip commenced and as the departure date approached, well yes, I began to get excited. After all it isn’t everyday you travel around the world. Around the freakin’ world, man! I mean right round. There and back again is for Hobbits – this is the full 360, the Circum. Nav. Phileas Fogg can bite me with his 80 days, I’m doing it 27! Yes I know, a little too much, a little too fast, but hey, I’m doing it!

So arriving at Heathrow Airport, wondering why I have so much luggage and knowing full well the answer is vanity, I am excited. Ohmigod! This is it, baby! Around the freakin’ world!

The first stage is the check in, which with British Airways one expects to be pretty smooth – smooth enough – even smoother is my Old Man who whips out his plastic friend and upgrades us to Club Class! Sweet! Bring on the dancing Champagne and  the oooh-I’ve-never-been-in-here-before lounge, big comfy bed seats, super service…

…and so it was. Relaxing in the lounge was very restful with none of the hurly-burly hectic nonsense you usually associate with airports. The wheelchair assistance was friendly and efficient and there we are in the little cocoon bed seats, sipping the afore mentioned C.  O.K. so the food whilst not bad was disappointing in as much as there was no choice – having said that, what remained was what I was going to have anyway.

Read a little, blog a little, watch a movie, eat, drink, settle down for a goodish night’s sleep (best I’ve ever had on a plane and what do you know: we’ve just finished breakfast, landed at Changi Airport, Singapore and it’s a little after Spanish lunchtime – bring on the dancing Jet Lag!

Oh and it’s raining! I mean ohmigod it’s a mini-monsoon-it’s raining and it’s as hot as hades on a June Bank Holiday! Steamy, tropical if you know what I mean.

The city is green and…

…ah! Well that’s the next Chapter…

2013-08-28 15.34.12 2013-08-27 21.26.29 2013-08-27 21.25.38 2013-08-27 21.25.26 2013-08-27 21.17.28 2013-08-27 20.58.02 2013-08-27 20.46.37 2013-08-27 20.46.21 2013-08-27 20.46.13 2013-08-27 19.02.25 2013-08-27 19.02.06 2013-08-27 19.01.51 2013-08-27 16.19.10 At BA Club Lounge


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