Lady Whisky

I toast almonds with aniseed,
serve arugula with asparagus.
I mix avocado with bananas,
flavour my broccoli with basil.

I waver between chocolate and carrots
and flavour my coffee with coriander.
I love to roast my fennel with figs
and marinade with garlic, ginger and honey

I sprinkle nutmeg over fresh oysters
and add pine nuts to my pineapples.
I delight in raspberries and strawberries
and truffles scented with vanilla

I’ll wash my aphrodisiac dinner down
with a glass of good red wine.
My hunger is sated but I’m left un-aroused
and in need of a shot of what does me good

So I turn to you, in my hour of need
for only your smile turns me on.
Like a well matured single malt
it is you who intoxicates me.

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