Read All About It

This was written to celebrate the 1st anniversary of “The Reader” Newspaper which used to take my poems weekly. Unfortunately it is no longer in print.

Welcome back my friends
to the show that never ends…
–    Emerson, Lake & Palmer

A year has passed since I heard the cry
“Read all about it”
Local news and
Personal views
Some from a point of view
Others from a balcony

Now weekly and free I still enjoy
Reading all about it
Investigations and
Some from the centre ground
Others out of left field

I wait for Friday’s to be informed
And read all about it
Restaurant reviews and
Bands that play blues
Some in the city centre
Others out in the country

Scanning classifieds for treasure
I read all, don’t doubt it
Motorbikes and cars
And newly opened bars
Some with fine white linen
Others with a rustic charm

The Reader brings it all to me
I read all about it
National news
And international too
And poetry that sometimes rhymes
Other times it doesn’t

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