The Last Flight Out


Close your eyes
What do you see?
Your Last Flight Out
What will it be?

    Excerpt from “State of Mind” by Elise Franzetta

Its balcony drinks at three a.m.
and then there’s a beach party
on Saturday. There’s fish to catch
and fry and always more
rum punch to make

It’s waiting ‘til you’ve done it all,
and still finding something more to do;
then not really having the energy to do it,
at least not today,
or tomorrow.

It’s seeing all there is to see
and never tiring of the view
of the sun, the sea and new
old friends who are staying too,
at least for now.

It’s the day you decide once
and for all that this is where
you call home, or as much
of a home as you’ve ever had:
so you stay.

It’s realizing that you can never leave
and find the same peace
and if you leave, you’ll never come back,
because leaving means catching
the Last Flight Out.

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