To Thrill A Rockin’ Bird


She ain’t no milkshakin’ mademoiselle,
But she sure is a hunk a rockin’ Dixie
With a brand new bag
And a leather mini to match
Ripped fishnets and high-heels
She’s the real deal

Boys passin’ by can’t catch her eye
She’s got her mind on a real man
But for now she’s happy single
Teasin’ not pleasin’
A regular run-around Sue
She’s the heart stealer

She’s a hot ’n’ sexy rock chick
Always got a brand new trick
Playin’ it fast and loose
Talk the talk, walk the walk
Hangin’ with the band
She’s the deal breaker

You need a fast act and a fast car
To pull this floozy straight from hell
She’s got the moves, she’s in the groove
Till she gets home at night
Alone and lonesome, the act is dropped
She’s heart broken

But morning comes and the action starts
Takes an hour to fix the hair and face
Strutting, tutting at the boys
A wink and a smile and a quick “see ya later!”
She works her magic
She’s got a rock ‘n’ roll soul

She’s waiting so she says for the man o’ her dreams:
Mr. Right instead of Mr. Right-now
I’m waiting for the right chance
To make that lil lady mine
I’m gonna tame the wild child
She’ll be my thrillin’ rockin’ bird

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