Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous

She was stunning, beyond compare

Helen of Troy would have wept

and clawed out her own eyes in a jealous rage

you could hear the rush of air

as wedding bands left fingers

and entered pockets

you could almost hear the promises breaking

there’d be some hearts broken

some egos dented

the brave and the bold rejected


as she swept through the room

as her eyes swept in the vista

the salivating wolf-pack

the braying asses who called and smiled

and winked

and shrunk back in shock and awe

as she swept on by

he caught her eye

the one guy

at the bar focusing on his brewski

focusing on the ballgame

not looking at her

not noticing her beauty

her glorious blonde mane swishing

her long tanned legs strutting

her bright green eyes twinkling

her lips being licked

as she moved closer


close enough to see his pores

close enough to feel his pulse

and whisper seductively

words that the others would have killed to hear

words that would have made them weak at the knees

beseeching him to buy her a cocktail

and without turning an inch

without losing his focus

on the cold one

on the double play

with barely a muscle flexing

he spoke back

no whisper this

audible and clear

he said the words that were on every man’s mind

with a deliberate punctuated adaptation:

“Drop dead, gorgeous!”


3 Responses to Drop Dead Gorgeous

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  2. Debi Swim says:

    Bravo. I’d love to think this really happened – it is such an Indiana Jones, Hans Solo, James Bond, Mike Hammer kind of aside.

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