Guilty as Charged (Hush now!)

In response to the prompt: Charged @ Poetic Asides/charged poem

‘Twas I, I cannot lie
I plead my case as self defense
You smiled and stole my precious heart
I sent you flowers and wrote you notes

‘Twas I, I will not deny
Still on my knees I mercy beg
You said good morning and made me swoon
I sent candy and a ribboned bear

‘Twas I, I shall not deceive
I could not love you from afar
You dropped a letter from your bank
I moved in just across the hall

‘Twas I, I freely admit
I stole your keys and made us dinner
You stared at me in stark disbelief
I cut the phone and barred the door


‘Twas I? How could that be?
I was out of town, I have receipts
You charge me with this heinous crime
I saw her once but never spoke

‘Twas I who lived in fear
I’m sure that I was being watched
You see, it must have been a mistake
I live in 94 while she had 94a

(‘Twas I, ‘twas I, but hush! Wait now
I will not confess to such dark deeds)
You know that you have scant proof
I walk free, (to love once more)


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