It’s not who you know
It’s not what you know
It’s how you put
The goods on show
It’s not the content
It’s more the style
It’s how to make
The people smile
A pinch of this
And a dash of that
Keep it lean and mean
And trim the fat
It’s how I cook
It’s how I teach
It’s how I roll
It’s how I reach
The hearts and minds
The very soul
It’s a slow plaintive blues
It’s rock ‘n’ roll
It’s not by the book
It’s not by the rules
It’s sneering at the cognoscenti
And spitting in the eyes of fools
It’s a touch of class
It’s a polished act
It’s to the point
It’s matter-of-fact
It’s down to business
It’s time to play
It’s doing your thing
In your own special way
It’s writing to from
With eloquent ease
It’s a comic rhyme
Aimed to please
It’s a rambling free verse
It’s eclectic prose
It’s a stream of consciousness
(Don’t know where it goes)
It’s trying to split
The wheat from the chaff
It’s getting it wrong
And having a laugh
It’s toss it all in the pan
And see what happens
It’s randomly changing
Rhyming patterns
It’s doing the best with
Whatever you’ve got
It’s being content
With your lot
It’s evening’s peace
And rest at last
It’s a single skillet
Hunter’s repast
It’s morning glory
And sweet birdsong
It’s making it up
As you go along


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