Mother Nature Screams


She loves us
And nurtures us
And keeps us safe
But we are feeble
And at her mercy
For sometimes she must scream
She must cry
She must rage

The earth breaks
And destroys buildings
That can be rebuilt
And lives
That cannot
Without rhyme
Or reason
Or care for the life
That rests
That borrows
Precariously on her back
Mother nature screams

And we cry
And we run
And fly with aid
And succour
And blood and food
And count the cost
Yet thousands die
And still they put the cost
In dollars
And yen
And euros

Nine o’clock
One o’clock
Six o’clock
The news is all the same
Fifty thousand dead
And rising
And we sit and
Wonder at the hesitation
The delay
Would there be more haste
If there were oil at stake?
If our freedoms were threatened?
Instead of just a few poor people dying
A few
A hundred thousand fewer than before
And still
We weep and still we wait
Wait for others to be the first
To lend a hand
To solve the problem
To salve our conscience

Mother nature has screamed
And now we must cry
And we must work
For those that might still die
For the future that they must have
For though it be against the nature of man
The rich must protect and help the poor
Lest we anger powers that we cannot fathom
Lest Mother Nature takes us all


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