Paradise Retained

Looking at the world map in wonder
Time is passing oh-so fast
Soon I shall be a-wandering
Speeding round the globe

Around the freakin’ world, man!
Even travel back in time
As the big silver bird I’m on
Wings me beyond the date line

From Albion’s shores to Asian delight
And so on to Antipodean splendour
Pausing to swim with turtles
From golden Pacific sands

From L.A. to the Republic of Texas
(Hush! mention not Mr. Darwin’s text!)
To visit, to poem, to celebrate
Friendships forged in the ether

And continuing back to Blighty
Then finally home to sunny Spain
To rest the travel-weary bones
And unpack with ease the cluttered heart

But what of Paradise, you ask
Which land shall claim this name?
Which shining jewel in Nature’s Crown
Will win this glorious prize?

None, I respond, for you do not see
That beauty is top-soil deep
And home is where I hang my hat
And dream of dreams to come

Paradise is not a single place
That on a map you’ll find
My Elysian Fields live within me
My joy, my peace inside

Why yes! The devout will praise
And the unbeliever equally wonder
At the varied beauty of our world
And mistake it for Arcadia

But ‘tis the journey that is Shangri-La
The Land of Milk and Honey dwells
Within the grasp of every soul for
Paradise is simply a perfect State of Mind

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