I can’t remember the last time I wrote without a prompt, just sat down and started writing…

…and as I haven’t written for a couple of weeks and felt inclined to do so, I thought I’d share the outcome.


some words are better left unsaid

some deeds are better left undone

some words don’t even scratch the surface

some deeds are much too little and too late

sometimes a random act of kindness

sometimes a smile and a shoulder touched

reach deeper into the heart, mind and soul

than all well-considered, best laid thoughts

and plans that so often fail to please

a gesture

a hand

a knowing wink

a comforting sigh of sympathy

unprompted by ulterior needs

not driven by duty or the self

seeps through the pores and ignites

a spark that kindles anew the fire

lacking for so long

not forever

just for now

sometimes just for now

is all that really matters

some words are said exactly when

and how they need saying

some deeds are small but do

exactly what needs doing


3 Responses to Unprompted

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  2. Debi Swim says:

    Beautiful words and truths here. Do you think it makes one lazy to write mostly from prompts? I am in my second poem a day challenge (June with Khara House and now Poetic Bloomings) and find the prompts help me focus. Maybe I’d better get back to improve, at least occasionally.

    I’m so glad I found your page- will be back often to read!

    • I don’t know – perhaps. When I was young my head was full of ideas and confusion and I just had to get it out. After years of not writing it was a poem-a-day that got me started again and I’ve been writing mainly to prompts ever since. I like it because it sparks my imagination. I don’t often just sit and look and see a poem in the vista. When the Baker’s Dozen were writing daily, over a couple of years solid, we always had one day as a free prompt, i.e. unprompted and that was the hardest poem of the week. I guess that makes the answer yes. What I do now is to make a note of ideas or titles. I always need a title to start me off. I should write more off my own bat but I still enjoy the prompt – I love seeing where it takes me – and everyone else. Failed at July PAD!!! Too tired, too behind, too little time!!

      Thanks for coming to play!!

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