Round The World Trip 2013

Stories, photos, details and news from my trip around the world in August September 2013 to Singapore, Australia,  New Zealand, Fiji and Texas. As per the drop down sub-menu from this page will take you to each of my adventures.

So, yes a great adventure lies ahead of me…around the world in 27 days! My initial thoughts are ”  a bit too much, a bit too fast”, but the  main reason for visiting the places I (actually we – I’m travelling with the Aged Ps) am going to is to see people and the sights are really a bonus. I shall probably only scratch the surface of what it is possible to do and see in all of these wonderful places on the itinerary, so please don’t comment later saying “oh, you should have done this…and you should have seen that…” I know! I know now before I set out and I cannot be disappointed. I can only see and do that which time and energy allow. Nonetheless, I am going to see new places, have new experiences, taste new tastes, meet new people and very importantly meet some very important (to me) people who live so far away that Facebook is our only solace.

So here we are, at the start… unbelievably my Old Chap just shelled out for the three of us to go Business/Club – something I’ve never done – and we are relaxing in the BA Club Lounge with plenty of time before the flight to catch up on some blog work.

At BA Club Lounge


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