Wake Me Up In Australia

Well here we go again and I have to say, this jet-lag is killing me. I slept terribly and am really tired! Still, dutifully awake to ring down about the Zoo tour – left half an hour ago! Bugger!
So anyway that means a new plan and as we check out at 12 and have to be back at the hotel to get a cab at 6, I reckon that means breakfast and a bit more sleep. I’m afraid, dear reader that is what I did. I joined mum & dad for breakfast at the place nearby and basically we swapped dishes from the day before and tried something else. They then wandered off to see about fixing dad’s glasses and I went back to bed to nigh on check-out time. Lazy? Why yes! But I am a great believer in giving the body rest when it demands it.

So the check out is done, the luggage is stored and we set of to wander a few nearby malls and find a decent lunch. I definitely fancy Asian again as we have been a bit lax on that matter and after perusing the shops for a bit we settle on a Dim Sum place and tuck in. Very nice too as you can see!

2013-08-30 14.10.04

A little more window shopping and we all feel it’s time to wander back as we know already to our cost that night flying isn’t the best night’s sleep you can get. No, we haven’t even scratched the surface of Singapore but it has been far better than a 5 hour stop-over in the airport, so well worth it. Now it’s time to relax and look forward the next leg of our trip. I’m going to see my best friend Natalie after almost a 5 year gap and also meet her new baby, my 9 month old “niece” Finley!

Goodbye Singapore!DSCN2524
So we take a cab and tootle back to the hotel lounge and then well, we lounge! Un till the cab comes and we set off to the airport once more saying farewell to Singapore, certain at least on my part that I will come back one day and see a little more, not least the Zoo.
The assistance in the airport is efficient, if a little officious and before you know it we are settled into our seats on the Qantas flight to Melbourne. No upgrade this time as the flight was full but the seats aren’t bad. The food, I have to say was excellent and I got, oh, nearly two hours sleep! This delighted my body clock as the time zone had moved on another 2 hours and I felt like it was just post siesta and having had one breakfast I was ready for another!
Luggage acquired, the notoriously strict customs negotiated and the car picked up in under an hour.
Welcome to Australia!
A short run up the freeway to a decent looking pit-stop reveals that Burger King is masquerading as Hungry Jack’s down under and serves an excellent breakfast muffin.
I’m sorry this entry is a bit short but why waffle on about nothing in particular when all that happened was nothing in particular?
Check out my next instalment to follow my fast, furious and fun filled adventures in the land of kangaroos and koalas…

2 Responses to Wake Me Up In Australia

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  2. Linda H. says:

    Lunch look delicious!

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