Beyond this point there be Dragons!

Originally, this was to be the name of my new blog but there was a lot of variations already in the search engines and I decide on “Without Anaesthetic“. Why? Well the idea was that I share thoughts and musings (that weren’t either poetry or cookery), if you like, baring my soul, without the aid of medication to numb the pain and dull the senses… in other words, me, all of me and nothing but me.

However a good friend and prolific blogger advised me against trying to manage multiple blogs and thought it better that I should have one combined site – so here we are!

I think there are already enough drop down menus for you to deal with so I am going to make this the posts page, given that it will contain random thoughts as well as promoting the content of the other menus. I’ve made this post sticky, so it should stay at the top of the page. New stuff will follow, in order of newest first.

Cheers all! 🙂

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Friday is POETS day!! The last podcast of 2013!

This week’s podcast is a cautionary tale of deep sadness and misery. A failure to communicate, to understand those nearest and dearest to us. It was written in response to an Ekphrastic prompt at Poetic Bloomings and is available in text form here

To listen just click “Runaway Train

If you want to know why I have chosen this poem then read on…

There are two main reasons why I don’t relish this time of year. The first is the rabid commercialism that has turned Christmas from a festival of celebration on a nominated day (or twelve days if you wish, I have no axe to grind there!) into over a month of non-stop parties, adverts, competitive decorating (the first tree, the most lights etc.) and something that surely is exactly the opposite of the Christian message. The second reason is “the Christmas Spirit”, the “season of goodwill to all men”. As opposed to actually giving a flying wombat’s thingy-ma-jig about anyone else at all, the rest of the year. I refer you dear reader/listener to my previous comment about the Christian message! Black Friday is probably the best (worst?) example of this.

I set aside my own different spirituality and the fact that most of the iconic symbols of Christmas were stolen from pre-Christian religions/belief sets and the date set to usurp a pre-existing festival (here, my Viking ancestors’ axe does need grinding!).

If you can only manage to be nice to others at this time of year then spare a thought for the desperate, the broken, the acquaintance, the friend or your g_d forbid, the family member that needs reaching out to. Then do exactly that!

This will be the last podcast of 2013 for logistical reasons. The site is moving to another server, the podcasts themselves will finally be combined here and the old site shut down and redirected to this one.

Best wishes as ever to all for the next month and always. My audio section will return in January 2014 with a new feature of a famous poem to start that and each month until June.

Lang mae yer lum reek!






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Guest Poet Podcast

Friday is POETS day and it’s guest poet week!

This week my recording is of a poem by a friend, fellow member of The Baker’s Dozen and a wonderful poet/writer, Linda Hofke.

Click the live link to hear her poem “Daisies After The Storm

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A Special Podcast – Friday is POETS day

This week’s podcast is something special. It is a new venture for me to record a famous poem by a famous poet and this will be the precursor to a series beginning in January 2014 ubtil June.

Next year, as well as the final podcast of the month being of a poem by a guest contemporary poet from the Blogosphere, the first one of each month will be a well known poem by a famous poet.

This week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy I am reading O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman, originally penned for the death of President Abraham Lincoln.

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Friday is POETS day!! That means it’s podcast time again.

This week’s recording is an oversimplified guide to parenting. Click to listen to:

“On the Spreading of Young Wings”

Enjoy!! 🙂

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Friday is POETS day!!! My latest podcast is here!

Friday is POETS day & this week’s podcast is one of my own concoctions called “Endless Possibilities” Click and check it out!

Cheers! 🙂

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Friday is POETS day! It’s podcast time!!!

This week’s podcast is one of my own – a dark and frightening step into a murky world of the stalker: Tables Turned  Click to listen and check out the library while you are there!


Cheers! 🙂

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Eis Eyes Baby

Eis Eyes Baby

the coldest things
I have ever known
are without doubt
an ice-cold beer in a frozen glass on a sweltering summer’s day
permafrost so deep… Read More

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A Glimpse of Mary

My poem for this week’s prompt at Poetic Bloomimgs

A Glimpse of Mary

I call her Mary, but her name was never recorded;
Mary seems to fit as well as any other title
for a girl who was left behind.
Roughly aged ten and as pretty as a picture,
she sat in a small round-seated arch-backed chair,
upholstered in crushed green velvet.
She wore a dark blue dress that reached to her calves,
white lace trimmed the hem and short puffed sleeves
and her stockings were black… Read more

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Guest Poet Podcast Week

Starting my programme of one guest poet podcast a month through the winter and spring – on the last Friday of each month – I am proud to introduce a double dose of delightful poetry.

This recording features the work of the prodigious young Erin Kay Hope and the highly talented Debi Swim… Click to listen to Lark’s Song and Etheree

Enjoy!! 🙂


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Friday is POETS day…My weekly podcast

This week’s podcast is now available. Click &  listen to Reach Out

Suscribe via iTunes> Iain Kemp Poetry

Enjoy!!! 🙂

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Ghosts and Echoes

Poetic Bloomings Prompt #124 – Ekphrastic – photo by Sheryl Kay Oder

Photo credit: Sheryl Kay Oder
shadows shimmer
and reflect
reverberate across the years
whispering long forgotten secrets
echoes from a time now hidden in mist…Read More


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Whispers in Russian


If you have nothing good to say
then “hud yer whisht” said grandma
though there are times to speak:
explanations deserve clarity and calm

delicate subjects are best broached
with a soft voice… Read More

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Friday is POETS day – it’s podcast time again!!

This week’s podcast is a big fat no, a flat refusal, an absolutely non-negotiable negative response. Click and check out: “I am not doing that!

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Hold that Stream of Consciousness

This week see’s the return of my own poetry podcasts. The latest recording is “Hold That Stream of Consciousness” Check it out by clicking the active link.

Enjoy!! 🙂

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The Last of the Summer Poems

The final episode in my summer series of podcasts featuring the work of guest poets is a masterpiece by the Master Gardener himself, the inimitable Mr. Walt Wojtanik. The poem is called “Tides”.

My regular programme of recordings of my own work returns next week but I shall still be featuring a guest poet on the last Friday of each month from October to June, when once again I hope to have a summer series lined up.


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Summer Guest Poet Podcast Series

Continuing my series of poems by guest poets, this week my recording is of “Black Country Coal 1868″ – a superb poem by the brilliant Taylor Graham

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Going Up The Country – Too Easy!

So, here we are in the Land Down-under… second breakfast consumed in the style of wandering Hobbits far from The Shire and back on the road. Oh my word! What a road!
The freeways in rural Australia it seems are broad and both flanked and divided by greenery. That is to say what we might cheerfully refer to as a central reservation in Europe is more like a Central Park in Oz. The first thing that struck me was how quickly we had left the urban sprawl and reached the rural pastures of up-state Victoria. I would later learn that these are in fact neither pastures nor fields, but rather locally known as paddocks. There were to be more confusing linguistic differences to be encountered later on. For now my mind was on the road and sensible to the infamous keenness of the Australian constabulary’s traffic division, I wisely set the cruise control to something safely below the limit and relaxed, the roads being quiet, to enjoy both the drive and the scenery.
What interested me most was the familiar landscape – it might have been anywhere in rural middle England – and the very much unfamiliar trees. I took them to be Eucalyptus but it turns out there is an almost endless variety of Gum trees and not necessarily of the cough sweet flavouring persuasion. Read More

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Summer guest poet podcast series

The latest podcast in my summer series of recordings of guest poets’ work is by another wonderful, friend, poet and fellow member of the Baker’s Dozen Poetry Group…

This week it is Sliding into Dusk by S.E.Ingraham

Take a listen and subscribe free at iTunes.


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Wake Me Up In Australia

Well here we go again and I have to say, this jet-lag is killing me. I slept terribly and am really tired! Still, dutifully awake to ring down about the Zoo tour – left half an hour ago! Bugger!
So anyway that means a new plan and as we check out at 12 and have to be back at the hotel to get a cab at 6, I reckon that means breakfast and a bit more sleep. I’m afraid, dear reader that is what I did. I joined mum & dad for breakfast at the place nearby and basically we swapped dishes from the day before and tried something else. They then wandered off to see about fixing dad’s glasses and I went back to bed to nigh on check-out time. Lazy? Why yes! But I am a great believer in giving the body rest when it demands it. Read More…

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Singapore Revealed – in all its Eastern Splendour

Well, I slept like the proverbial B – give or take waking up at 3:30 a.m. and my body thinking it was dinner time. Anyway half an hour of Facebook soon put me back to sleep and the next day of my trip begins with a spring (ish! I had my cane with me) in my step, a smile on my lips, a song in my heart; that is to say the sun was in the sky and the gods (out here you can choose almost any faith you wish and come up trumps) where wherever they were meant to be. I doubt there are many Nordic Heathens here but nonetheless it was Thor’s Day for me and that boded well.
As stated the S. was well and truly shining forth and the first encounter with Singapore’s café culture led to a delightful variation of Eggs Benedict to start the day off as well as could ever be expected.  Read More…

2013-08-29 10.12.31

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Guest Podcast Series 06/09/13

Continuing with my summer series of recordings of guest poets’ work, I am delighted to announce this week’s podcast is an excellent poem by a friend and highly talented as well as well respected poet from Texas whom I will have the great pleasure of meeting in person very soon.. Click here to listen to “Abandon(ed) Ship” by the lovely Paula Wanken

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Singapore – First Impressions

…so the rain had stopped by the time we’d reached the hotel and yes, it is a green city – lots of trees, lots of parks and the cabbie did well in the traffic and so we are settled into the hotel. The room is huge – they said Superior, I should say so too! The a/c is perfect and so my tale continues…

It’s always an unusual and exciting moment when you arrive in a in a country for the first time. No clear idea of what to expect…Stranger in a Strange Land… trying not to get it wrong, no cultural faux pas, no socio-political gaffes, play by the rules (not that anyone told you what they are)) and hope you get it right…  Read More


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A Night Flight To Asia

I don’t get excited about holidays, not like my aunt. She trembles with anticipation the moment it’s decided upon, buzzes with excitement from the day it’s booked ecstatically crossing days off the calender until the great day comes. Whereupon she virtually explodes with unfettered glee. Not me! I settle back back into my seat on the flying tin-can at last and sigh contentedly: “Ah! Here we go!”

At least I used to. I freely admit that this time there was a clear sense of anticipation some weeks before the trip commenced and as the departure date approached, well yes, I began to get excited. After all it isn’t everyday you travel around the world. Around the freakin’ world, man!  Read More

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Guest Podcast Series

This week’s podcast is my recording of a great poem by a wonderful poet, friend and fellow member of The Baker’s Dozen poetry group Nancy Posey called “Life and Literature Simplified“. It’s well worth taking a minute to stop by and listen. Enjoy!! 🙂

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Guest Poem Podcast 23/08/13

This week’s poem in my summer series of recordings of guest poet’s is by a great friend and fellow Baker’s Dozen poet, Michelle Hed and is a Pantoum called “Eclectic Serenity”

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